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Written on August 20, 2018   By   in Travel

How to Pick a Good Product Photographer for Your Website

Good product photographs can mean a world of difference between when it comes to selling them, especially on the Internet. Below are key considerations for anyone looking to hire a professional product photographer:

General Direction

Your overall site layout and message make a good place to start. How are the photos going to blend in? Are you aiming for a cool, sophisticated look, or something warm and friendly? What is the main emotion that you want your customers to feel when looking at the pictures?

Considering Costs

When thinking how much the shoot will probably cost you, look into a few Things. For example, the photographer’s physical location and whether the travel costs will be significant are two factors that should be taken into account. Of course, how big or small the project is will also be an issue. Will payment be made per project or per photo? What must must be photographed and how complex is the result you’re aiming for? Compared to people, for example, jewelry and other reflective objects are more difficult to photograph.

Also consider whether the pictures will also used in newspapers, magazines or other media. These things are also going to influence your final cost. In general, photographers keep copyright of the pictures and give licenses only for specific uses (for example, you can use their pictures only on your website for a period of 5 years). Of course, this can be negotiated depending on your needs. Hence, make it a point to choose a photographer who is customer-oriented, someone who has a genuine concern for your needs.

Laying Down Details

An inevitable section of this discussion is details of the actual shoot – lighting, outdoor or indoor, and the rest. These must all be in black and white to prevent future disputes. It’s also wise to take some sample shots first so you can assess their quality and avoid having to schedule a re-shoot, which will be expensive.

Post Processing

Finally, just before you have the shoot, talk to the photographer about how much post processing you’re comfortable with. For example, changing brightness and color intensities is basic, how about more advanced editing techniques like adding filters to create a certain overall tone? This type of photography task is usually even outsourced to image retouch experts.

Professionally taken product photographs can boost your website’s value tremendously with minimal hassle. But before anything, you have to choose a good photographer. There are lots of product photographers these days, but spend time checking their work and looking for someone you have personal chemistry with. You’ll want to work someone who is not only good at photography but also at dealing with customers.

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