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Aspects to put into Consideration When Ordering Custom Challenge Coins.

A challenge coin is described as a small medallion that bears the insignia of a society or organization and members of the society can carry it. They were normally used in ancient times to prove membership to an organization when challenged and also to enhance morale of members. Challenge coins are not that expensive to produce or to design. Challenge coins are used for rewarding outstanding service and performance and also for challenges. These coins are now also used by the police department and not only the military. Here are a few pointers as to how to design or customize your challenge coin.

In case you want a custom challenge coin but have no idea of designing it, here are a few ways of going about it. The primary action is to consider whether you would wish to have a soft or hard enamel. This refers to the last process that determines the look of a challenge coin. The feel of a hard enamel coin is considered to be much smoother than that of a soft coin. The paint is known to fill flush with the coin’s edges. The raised metal on soft enamel coins makes them more textured to the touch. Hard enamel coins are costly than soft enamel coins.

Before hiring a challenge coin company, you should first consider the design you wish to have on the face of your coin. Remember to choose emblems that are relatable to the event or people you want to give the challenge coin to. Contemplate on the cultural emblems that are relatable to an individual’s personality or monuments they relate to. You could also consider specific dates, sports teams or flags of a team, club or country. It is therefore wise to narrow down your choices since there are so many possibilities.

Challenge coins are a bit larger than the normal U.S coin currencies. The size of the custom challenge coin is another factor that should be considered. These coins are normally measured in diameter and you may reference to a U.S quarter when deciding on the size of your custom challenge coin. A quarter is normally an inch less than a challenge coin. The making of a challenge coin is done using various edges. Before ordering a challenge coin, consider the type of edge you want on your custom challenge coin.

You only need a small order when designing a challenge coin as a gift to a few family members. A large number of coins is normally ordered for big events such as weddings or retirement parties. Everyone will receive a challenge coin during distribution and no one is left out. Put in mind the factors mentioned above before you decide to customize a challenge coin.

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